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It is always good to collaborate with creative people, I have been keen to do an Ultra Violet shoot for a while so working with the talented artist and body painter Charlotte Gardner and model Kelly Hathaway made this ambition possible for me. Charlotte used Neon/UV cosmetically safe face and body paint. To complete the make-up artistry for her face/body and to do the hair took about three hours. Kelly was very patient and amazingly resistant to the cold while the paint was applied (we did have heaters). We had about an hour of shooting time, Kelly was lit by a Blacklight Flood lamp with the addition of a small key light supplied by a mobile phone (Its good to improvise sometimes). The cocktail glass contains some body paint dissolved in water. Shot on a Canon 5d Mk3 at around f3.5 - f4 and mounted on a tripod, even so the ISO was fairly high at around 2000-3200. We used Photoshoot Studios in Tunbridge Wells. Body and Face painter Charlotte Gardner can be found on Purpleport, she is also known as "Fair of Face" and is a key member of the South East Body-paint Project. Professional model Kelly Hathaway is also on Purpleport.